2016 In the Future

January 16, 2016

Vol 18 No 1


Time has come to move forward into the New Year and the Cypress MG group took that big step. The Club met for lunch at Poppy Hills Golf Course and filled up their special meeting room with 25 members of the club. The weather outside continued to be questionable so not everyone drove their MG to the event. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all.

The best part of the event was listening to our two speakers, Dean Craig and Monica Nathan who spent a good deal of their time over the years as volunteers for the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula (SCRAMP). SCRAMP is the non-profit that manages the motor sport events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Both Craig and Monica served time on the Board of Directors of the organization and shared very interesting details about their experiences.

Cypress MG 2016 Lunch 2.JPGThe Porters Inn, (Poppy Hills Restaurant) presented everyone with a menu which captured a great photo that came close to the early on MG car.

Twenty Five members of the cub attended. The Estes, Gibfrieds, Grundys, Lindseys, Martines, Obbinks, O’Connors, Spangenbergs, Stewart, Strands and Vandergrifts were there.

Following the speakers presentation there were a number of questions put forth by everyone. Several wanted to know some of the history as to how certain portions of the race track were developed. Charlie Sangenberg provided some interesting information concerning the development of “the cork screw”

Poppy Hills Menue.jpgBruce Obbink announced the club statement for dues would be sent soon. The dues for 2016 would be the same as past years at $30. Obbink said the club was in good financial shape and encouraged members to help out in coming up with ideas for events and tours during the coming year.


As the lunch was concluded a good round of applause was give Dean Craig and Monica Nathan for their sharing SCRAMP experience with our Club.