VOL 8 NO 2

July 16, 2006

Sunday July 16, 2006 was a very special day in Pebble Beach and we are certain Mike O’Connor had a lot to do with it.

This special day was the annual “sausage” run of the Abingdon Rough Riders in San Francisco. They actually drove down the back roads on Saturday and stayed in Monterey Saturday night.

 a revisit to the old Pebble Beach race track.

Allan Chalmers led the San Francisco group and there were another four or five cars that joined him.

Mike had the weather planned. We stopped at the Pebble Beach Swim and Racquet Club parking lot which is partially in back of the club itself. You are almost up on the number 18 tee box of Pebble Beach. The fog was stuck out in the bay with some wisps of the drippy stuff hanging off the roofs of the big mansions on the hillside. Seaward it was clear with sparkling blue water. It was a glorious sight. We were even given a short bragging session by Marsha and Dennis Tarmina, neighbors of the Obbinks, on how  Dennis shot a birdie on that par 5 famous number 18 hole. We let him just brag a little  with out yawning.

Back into the cars and on to Seventeen Mile Drive. As we left the area we had to drive right in front of the Pebble Beach Lodge which brought about a lot of turned heads.

We stopped at the famous Lone Cypress for some additional photo ops and then through the forest and back along the beach where we pulled over to take a look at the wonderful Pacific Ocean.

It was nearly 11:00 and we were due at our lunch spot in a few minutes so we loaded up and headed down  the road. It was only five minutes from where we parked. It is up a small dirt road, through a couple of gates and then all of a sudden you look up and there is a big clearing, MG cars parked in a half circle, picnic tables with table cloths and center pieces, BBQ, restrooms, and a wonderful fire burning away in the fire pit. It couldn’t have been a more welcomed sight. The Cypress Club had made a “Welcome Rough Riders” banner that hung in the shelter area. The Indian Village is a special place that is available to Pebble Beach Residents. A special thanks to Pat and John Whittaker for making the facility available and to Mike O’Connor for leading the pack on a great tour. And thanks to Chris O’Connor, Judy Obbink and Pat Whittaker for making sure everyone had enough to eat.

The weather was as usual foggy but no wind. It was actually very pleasant. The fire-pit bon-fire seemed to warm the traveling souls.

What a line-up of exquisite cars! Tony Greening dazzled the gang with his Austin. Everyone spent some time looking that car over.

With the Indian Village set in a ye llow and royal blue backdrop it was a wonderful scene. Best of all was yet to come, with chow bell (whistle) everyone lined up for Chicken-apple sausages on toasted buns, potato salad, chips, pickles, lemon-aide and ice tea.

It was a splendid event. With the backdrop of forest, the foreground of fine MG’s, and the comradeship of fellow souls, who appreciate the fine lines and bumps of MG's it had to be a great day.

A good day spent by all.  Thanks to the Rough Riders for joining us and thank you to all our Cypress members who could participate.