Pacific Grove

Good Old Days 2017

 Volume 19 No 1

“Blue skies, nothing but blue skies, all day long.” That was the song of the day. Searching the weather reports they kept saying rain in the morning of April 8 but blue skies in the late afternoon. Everyone was still a little concerned about us getting the right weather to take this annual parade to the streets. Some were still waiting at home to see would develop weather wise.

Some went to the start up and as they stood waiting to     see if it was going to rain or not, guess what?

The sky opened up, the sun was bright and warm and there was no rain in sight. Telephone calls started and assured club members all was perfect for the parade so come on down.

As 9:30 came the sun decided to leave, the blue sky was now "gray" and "dark" and here came the rain. We brought umbrellas for the members of the  Feast of Lanterns but club members had to wrapped themselves up  in rain jackets, if they brought one.

Off we went with wind shield wipers on (if they worked). The sides of the street were filled with parade lovers standing under umbrellas, bands were playing in the rain and other performers were beginning to soak up the rain water and look a little bedraggled.

The Parade continued along Pine to the Robert Down grade school.  As it kept pouring this was a rain or shine event now!

One club participant was Cypress MG club member Chuck Gibfried. He drove an Army Purple Heart Vet in his gray MGA. Chuck had some ideas of a possible rain so he brought along a large umbrella and so the soldier could keep himself and his side of the car nice and dry.

Tom Scardina is a proud owner of a 1929 Model A Roadster. He volunteered to put his car in the parade along with the Cypress MG members and had the honor of driving Monterey County Supervisor Mary Adams. 

The Feast of Lanterns Court are driven in Cypress MG cars during the  parade. The drivers are: Don Martine, Chris and Sue Billat, Bruce Obbink, Mike O’Connor, Patrick Treganza, Chuck Gibfried.


This year the Court consists of left to right:

Master Rooster, Thor Birch,

Princess Tourmaline, Rachel Sands,

Princess Ruby, Juliann Aliotti

Princess Amethyst, Serena Paci

Queen Topaz, Caroline Evans,

Princess Sapphire, Jenna Hall

Princess Emerald, Caroline Coen

Master Horse, Elias Yevdash.


In spite of the rain the early parade was a wonderful event, if you were to go down town after noon, you would have to put sun screen on for protection. 

Special compliments to Joni Birch for the wonderful photos as it stayed “blue skies” all the rest of the day.