Volume 14 No 2


September 8, 2012


Talk About Beautiful Cars


The weather for the trip to Scotts Valley couldn’t have been better. It was a perfect morning to be driving MG cars up to the Canepa Automotive museum. What a site! Bruce Canepa is the owner of this company and has always loved things that go fast. They promote the facility as “Providing Exceptional Automobiles to Enthusiasts Worldwide” and the facility certain does that. The museum showcases examples from many disciplines from Formula One to NASCAR and dirt track sprint cars to Le Mans 24 hour winners. In addition there are collector cars, hotrods, vintage motorcycles, sports and luxury cars and custom SUV.

On the trip were the Obbinks, Gibfrieds, Spangenbergs, Whittakers, O’Connors, Bob Strand, Michael Goldberg and Dan Gould. As we were ready to leave El Estero, the Whittakers pulled up and announced something was awry in the rear end of the car so they were headed home to get another car. It turned out that the right rear leaf spring had broken.

We were fortunate to have the marketing director of Canepa give us a guided tour through the facility. How lucky we were to get all the details on just about every vehicle in the museum. Our tour lasted for about one and a half hours. The car on the left is a Bentley Woody and for  $197,000 it is all yours!

The museum is on two levels with the back half of the first floor dedicated to restoration. They buy cars, restore them and offer them back for sale. Or an individual might bring their own car to them for restoration. As we looked carefully at the restoration projects, the cars were perfect in every detail you could imagine. Top floor is all race cars. If you wander onto the restoration area you will find a spotless working area.

There is the complete shop area including a full paint shop. All the grease and oil must be removed before the car can be moved to the restoration area.

One of the more interesting cars was one of the first Duisenbergs ever made. It was ordered in 1919, delivered in 1921 to Hawaii. It was built to accommodate a 7 foor owner. It is anticipated to be finished in 2013 in time for the Pebble Beach Concourse D' Elegance.

After the tour off we went to Peachwood’s Steakhouse in Pasatiempo. As we drove into the parking lot who should be standing at the entrance but club member Nadia Jansen. It was nice to see her.

The group discussed other options for events and everyone wanted to have another Christmas party but not set on a pre-holiday date but perhaps in January.

John Whittaker took some 60 photos of this outing and if anyone would like to have a CD of all the photos, let Bruce Obbink know and he will mail you one. Seeing these beautiful cars was breath taking. If you have never been to this place in Scott's Valley it is only an hour away and well worth the trip. Entrance is free and you can take your time staring at such wonderful craftsmanship.