Another Normal PG Day?

Perhaps Not

Vol 9 No2

Saturday June 9 was a glorious day on the coast. Even in Pacific Grove you could see the sun with out driving down town. The weekend had all the makings of a great MG outing for Sunday. When we sat up in bed and looked out the window, there is was a blanket of thick fog all over the place. Well, never mind, let’s get up, have something to eat and head out. We will put on several layers of jackets, gloves, wool hats and ear muffs perhaps it will clear up as soon as we get down the coast.

We mustered at the Crossroads at 10:00 AM. John Grundy drove up in his black Packard convertible with his MG emblem tied to the radiator. John is a true patriot! He even had his MG hat on. Soon the rest arrived. Not a big gathering but no doubt ready for a day’s fun.

Phyllis Cleveland arrived and rode along with Jacqui Dombroski (Ken is in Washington D.C.), Mike and Chris O’Connor came in next in their TD with the top up and side curtains in. What!!! The Spangenbergs came along in their GT and Robert and Lynda Strand joined in grins from ear to ear since this was their first club outing in their newly purchased 1947 TC. The Strands purchased a great TC that had been garaged for the past 12 years. It is in perfect shape and in fact had won some awards at the Pebble Beach Concour in the days when the MG had a class representation. The Strands were having some fuel flow problems so we cleaned out the strainers on the fuel pump and the carbs and the car ran like a top the rest of the day.

We put Grundy as “tail end Charlie” with cell phone to call if any problems. Bruce and Judy led the pack. We were  headed to the Julia Phiffer Burns Park, for a  picnic along the stream, back in the redwoods and a short hike to the waterfall out look. Most all of the club has been there one time or another. As soon as we got close to Big Sur the fog began to break and it was an unbelievable day. The water was that aqua green color, the sun nearly bounced off the green hills which were covered with flowers. It was beautiful. That big round thing in the sky actually is a sun!

As the group turned into the park off the highway, the second car pulled in and told us that Jacqui Dombroski was in the middle of the Highway -  stalled. Mike O’Connor and Bruce Obbink sped away to see what was happening. They lifted the bonnet. Wiggled some wires and it still didn’t start. So the car was pushed to the side of the road with the decision to let it cool down. The Lucas fuel pump is prone to vapor lock from time to time and as soon as it cools down it can come back.

So all headed off for the picnic tables and lunch.

This lovely picnic spot is a romantic place. There among the redwoods with the music of the stream tumbling over the rocks and fallen limbs is most calming. Later we hiked over to the water fall. On the way back to the parking lot we climbed a little hill, had Jacqui start her car and sure enough, it started immediately.

Later all  packed up and headed home. As everyone got under way for some reason the wind began blowing a gale, the sky was clear but the bushes along the roadway were bending nearly ninety degrees. Trying to hold the MG straight down the road with gusting wind proved to be a challenge, but all made it home without a problem - another good day with our fun MG cars.