The Back Roads All The Way

Vol 11 No 2

August 23, 2009


 You can never predict a perfect day on the Monterey Peninsula but regardless of the weather conditions, when you take your MG car out on the road it becomes a perfect day. And August 23, 2009 at 10:30 in the morning it was just such a day.

As we began to put the tour together, the thought  was perhaps everyone was going to be on a vacation someplace and we probably would not get many takers. Well, was that ever off the mark. As we gathered at the traditional El Estero parking lot here they came. the Gibfrieds, Goldbergs, Goulds, Grundys, Hantelmans, Martine, Spangenbergs, Strands, and Whittakers. Don Martine had three cars in the tour one driven by Anne Ross and one by her sister and one by himself. The Strands had invited the Gilmans a newly discovered old college pal in their Boxter to join in. Of course, John Grundy was in his adopted MG Cadillac. This was our newest member John and Ann Hantelman's first event.

In order for us to reach our lunch destination, which was Sea Harvest in Moss Landing, without a left hand turn off Highway 1, we took a back road route. It is impossible to make a left hand turn across traffic on Highway 1 with a tour group of 14 cars. Plus we needed to break up the group into two sections to avoid Highway Patrol problems.

Off we went with Bruce Obbink and Pat Whittaker leading the first section and John Whittaker and Judy Obbink leading the second section. John and Pat travel the back country east of Watsonville a lot and knew the route. We headed north on Highway 1, east on Dolan Road, then north on Elkhorn Slew to Watsonville, through town on to Riverside, across the freeway and then south on Highway 1 to Sea Harvest. It was a great road with a lot of turns and twists to make the drive interesting. One of the most exciting bits of news is we didn't have one breakdown! This is the second tour we have gone on that went that smoothly. What is going on?

Many thinks to Joe Marcotte for coming down from San Jose early and staking out the restaurant. Sea Harvest doesn't take reservations and we were a party of 25. We arrived at 11:30 right on time and the restaurant rose to the occasion  and arranged the dining room to accommodate the entire group at a  long table.

The lunch was great - truly a fish day. Some of the group had never been there so they spent some time watching the sea otters and seals from the railing.

After lunch we gathered outside to admire Joe and Pat Marcotte's newly restored MGTC. What a good looking car that is! Complete with wired head lights. Joe's car has won a number of recent awards . Of course we really welcome his TC because we now have 5 MGTC's in the club.

Everyone is going to think about some new venues for a tour and especially where you would like to go for the Christmas Party. So please, give that subject some thought and drop us a note.