Down the Coast on a Sunny Day

Vol 17 No 1


When summer time weather arrives in Pacific Grove it is a wonderful day. And March 14, 2015 was something wonderful. One could hardly believe the warm sun and the need to put on sun screen when driving along with the top down.

 At our Christmas get together everyone said they would really like to head down the coast again to the Julia Pfiffer Burns Park and have a nice lunch in the quiet of the forest. So we picked a day in March, sent the invitation out to all and put together the event.

  We began to watch the weather channel carefully hoping that the day we chose would be kind to us. The Obbink, Vandergrift, Berbermeyer, Gibfried, Banathy, Spangenberg, and Hannes  signed up. The Gibfried’s had guests, Keith and Jan Nyenhius who came along in their regular car. We all met at the Bank of America on Rio Road about 10:00 AM.

  There didn’t seem to be an excessive number of cars on the road. Strange because it was such a nice morning. Bela Banathy was in his wonderful looking MGB-GT that was converted to an electric car but could only go part way due to his battery capacity.

  As we drove along the view sites started to fill up. And more cars were parked along the side of the road. When we got closer to the park, more cars began to appear and when we drove into the Park we were in a "line up". The woman manning the entrance booth came to us and said, “the parking lot is full and we are letting in one car at a time as one car leaves.”

 Well, you can guess the answer to that, we turned around and headed back north. The alternate plan was to go back to the Pfiffer Park in Big Sur. In all the years we have gone to Julia Pfiffer Burns park we have never had a parking problem until today and we had one this time for sure.

 We pulled into Pfiffer Big Sur park and the attendant said if you go to the end of the road there will be a lot of parking and picnic benches.

 What a great spot! Picnic under the roof in the shade. It was wonderful. And the temperature outside must have hovered around 80 degrees. Great conversations, stories, food and enjoying the park ambiance.

We will keep our eyes and ears open for more good events.