Jacks Peak


July 15, 2017


Volume 19 No 2


When it is a beautiful day on the coast you will find classic cars out for sure. And that is just what happened on July 15.

Bruce and Judy Obbink, Mike and Chris O’Connor, Chris and Sue Billet, Bruce and Whiz Lindsey, Steve Kellogg, Michael Goldberg, Charlie and Mary Ann Spangenberg mustered at the parking lot near El Estero Lake.

The day started out foggy but in a couple of hours the sun started to shine and before long the fog was gone. And it was time for the MG cars to hit the road Judy Obbink led the way to Jack’s Peak. It is a beautiful site in the hills across from the Airport.  There are views of the entire Monterey Peninsula and on beautiful days, as it was, it was breath taking.

We had reserved the picnic area where there is a lot of parking space available, plenty of picnic tables, wonderful big BBQ and bathrooms. It is truly a great place.

As we settled in and got the fire started, we sat in the sun, ate appetizers made for all by the O’Connor’s and carried on great conversation. We all brought BBQ items like apple sausages, chicken, hamburgers, corn on the cob and Steve Kellogg BBQ’ed a huge tri tip.

 Lunch began and talk continued, Judy Obbink announced she had a test to give everyone. The test was Dyn-o-mite! It was TV’s greatest catchphrases. She said “sometimes it takes only a word, or just a few to become immortalized in television history”. She would read the catchphrase and ask who said it. There were about 35 of the catch phrases. “And that’s the way it is” Who said that? (Walter Cronkite CBS evening news.) “Book ‘em Danno” Who said that? (Steve McGarrett Hawaii Five-O). The winners of nearly 35 catchphrases were Michael Goldberg and Steve Kellogg.

About 2:00 we packed up for home and some of us went the back road coming out at the new round about on Highway 1.

Good day and beautiful California coast.