Merry Christmas

December 3, 2016

 Volume 18 No 3


Some 10 years ago we had our Christmas lunch at Los Laureles Lodge in Carmel Valley. We decided we should try it again. What a good decision that was.

Table 2.jpg Table 1.jpgWe had our lunch set up in a beautiful room with 3 round tables seating 8 people to a table. When we arrived everything was ready to go. Next to the dining room was another small room where brunch was ready for us. As everyone began to arrive we all got to meet the new club members for the first time. The Tomlins, Trenzas, Billats and Kellogs. We have up dated the membership section of the Web Site with their photos.

 Most of the important issues of the day were being covered by each individual at one of the tables. TheTable 3.jpg conversation in the room was perfect.  

It came time for a drawing from the tickets given to everyone at the beginning. We asked Sue Billat to draw the first ticket from the basket and guess what? She drew her own number. Sounds like a good selection to buy your next lotto ticket! The prize was a note pad with the MG logo and all kinds of gadgets to point to pages of documents. The second drawn item was a billed cap with a CypressMG logo on it and Diane Vandergrift won that one.

  After the drawing the new members of the club introduced themselves, where they were from and what model of car they had. It was interesting that several new club members all moved to the area from Los Gatos, California.MG car line up 1.jpg

  Bruce Obbink reviewed the club financial status and reported that all was in good order. He said the club now has 26 members. He did suggest that if anyone in the club was interested in helping with the leadership he would welcome some help.

 The tour schedule for 2017 was discussed and everyone will give the matter some thought as to what would be interesting to all. Bruce also reviewed the events of 2016 and that brought up the reports from others as to the exciting times everyone experienced.

 As we all left we thanked the Lodge for such a great day and such outstanding food. We wished each other a Happy Holiday and chatted in the sunny parking space admiring the new cars.