Off To San Juan Bautista for Lunch

October 24, 2015

Vol 17 No 3


The weather was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cool. Just right for a top down MG.

We gathered at the El Estero parking lot. The Obbinks, Gibfrieds, Spangenbergs, Vandergrifts, Berbermeyers, O’Connors, and Bob Strand. Bob came in his beautiful Jaguar, but we offered to put an MG label on the front end so he could be part of the group.

About 10:30 we took off up highway one. We did all the necessary turns to the streets we needed to be on for the San Juan Grade Road in Salinas. Off we went. This road is not your traditional smooth road. In the beginning it is pretty nice, but then all of a sudden it turns into more of a trail. Up and down and around the corners we went. You really have to pay attention to what you are doing.

Obbink led the pack. Suddenly he began to weave back and forth on the road. He pulled over as did the other cars. All took a close look at the steering to see if something was wrong. Nothing! Then all looked carefully at all the connections but found all in good order. So off we went again.

All of a sudden Mike O’Connor, who was behind Obbink began to honk and honk and honk. Finally Obbink, finished with weaving back and forth pulled over again. Guess what? The right rear tire was flat. Ron Vandergrift hollered “the top is still full so what is the matter?”

It was flat for sure. So we changed for the spare and thank heavens Bob Berbermeyer had a traditional flat jack in his car. The original jack for the  TC was not working.

Once we were all together we headed down hill. Got to the parking lot with no more major problem and began our short walk to Jardines.

The table was set waiting for us so went in and sat down and ordered a delicious lunch. It is a beautiful setting out side with umbrellas.

After lunch most headed home separately along the freeway, that is with Judy Obbink and Chris O’Connor stepping aside to do some traditional shopping! Anyway we finally were on the road and in 40 minutes or so we were back home.

A great day with great weather