The Cypress MG Club of Monterey

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

VOL 19 NO 3


Martin Sinai Rayman

Thanks to Vicky & Steve for inviting us all to Pebble Beach for a weekend of motoring, food and socializing.

We took it as an excuse for a weekend away.  Not wanting to subject ourselves to the drive down and back in our ’53 TD, we drove the 2012 Mini roadster, (adding 460 miles. Now has only 15,600 miles Rod), made in Britain and sporting an MGOC decal.

We stopped for lunch at the Zero - 3 cafe in the Half Moon Bay Airport. A mustang was nice enough to take off for us after lunch. And then, we stopped to marvel at whales having a good old time.

The traffic through Santa Cruz was terrible, the sun was hot and would have been abysmal in the TD. Again, in Capitola the traffic was stop & go. Having no rush, we stopped for coffee in Soquel. 

When we got to the Olympic Inn in Pacific Grove, the Mini was right at home chatting it up with it's British cousins. What, what? 

Dinner at Monterey’s Crown & Anchor was perfect and a wonderful way to get acquainted and reacquainted with the MG’ers.

The wee hours of the morning (7:30), were greeted with much appreciated coffee, donuts, fresh fruit & a beautifully done binder with the routes and other tidbits, at the Kellogg homestead on Huckleberry Hill.  Also, it was nice to access the info. on line before the weekend.  Good job Steve & Vicky!!

As we were driving, Naomi had read the section “From the PINE TREES to the CORKSCREW-The Beginnings of Road Racing on the Monterey Peninsula.” When Steve had us start at the Equestrian Center and proceed around what was the old race course, we were ready.

New to us, on the Monterey Peninsula, were all the round-a-bouts.  They were reminiscent of motoring in England.  But did you know that the first traffic circle, in the world, was Columbus Circle in Manhattan circa 1905, two years before the one around the Arch de Triumph in Paris? William P. Eno, in addition to the rotary traffic plan, designed the stop sign, one-way street, taxi stand & pedestrian safety islands!

After the pause that refreshes, at the Cross Roads Starbucks, a bunch of intrepids were soon on the lovely drive to Mission Soledad. 

Then there were four to enjoy to drive through Salinas Valley to Marina State Beach. 

We drove to Carmel & had lunch at La Bicyclette & then wandered around Carmel for a while. The mussels were the special of the day and they were scrumptious.  We visited the Winfield Gallery, a favorite of ours. In addition to owning a Karen Shapiro ceramic piece (Blue Dot photo flashbulbs) we got to see a wonderful exhibit, that was up, by the International Guild of Realism.

The Kelloggs treated us to an indoor/outdoor taco bar dinner.  All the time we were at the Kelloggs, in the morning and again in the evening a video about automobile racing in Pebble Beach, “Racing Through the Forest” was playing.  Then we were treated to a professionally done presentation by our own Dan Shockey, “Pebble Beach Races, 1950 to 1956.”  Dan even did overlays of maps.  Sweet.

Speaking of sweet, we stopped at the Ice Cream Shoppe in Pacific Grove on the way home to ogle the Beatles paraphernalia and have some Lappert’s ice cream.

A few folks had bagels and lox with all the fixin’s at the Kelloggs on Huckleberry Hill, Sunday morning.

John & Joan Bertolotti told us of a way to avoid Santa Cruz’ heavy Sunday traffic, on our way up to Hwy 17.  The Soquel - San Jose Road is a beaut to motor.  The unexpected appearance of Casalegno’s was a perfect stop for café macchiatos.

Food again found at a new spot, The Saltroot Café only open for six months, on California St. in SF.

Home in time to watch the season opener of “This Is Us.”

Thanks again Steve & Vicky!